Dynamite Lifestyle's vision is to raise the awareness of millions globally and live an ever-expanding, abundant life by maximising the potential within.  We focus on the root cause of results to bring about permanent change in all areas of life, from relationships, health, business and wealth creation.  I believe that each individual can choose to live a life of freedom, and we deliver the scientific, step by step success formula to empower and move people into inspired and aligned action.  The world is starting to wake up - change is inevitable; personal growth is a choice. 



Kim is the CEO and Founder of Dynamite Lifestyle Ltd.  She is a global expert in high performance, both on a personal and professional level.  As a success mentor and international speaker, Kim devotes her life to helping others ‘waken up’ and live fulfilled, enriched lives by thinking into results, one thought at a time. 

Kim worked closely with her personal mentor, the late Bob Proctor,  and is a fully certified Consultant of the Proctor Gallagher Institute.  Kim is PGI’s top Consultant and has achieved their Inner Circle status multiple times.  She has also been awarded on multiple occasions within the company to the highest levels possible, most recently as the first and only Executive Diamond Pin Achiever and Pillar of PGI and is also an exclusive member of the PGI Circle of Excellence. 

As a global human performance expert, she works closely with her clients to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.   Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal and that is true for your professional career, your personal relationships and your physical and mental wellbeing.  Kim and Dynamite Lifestyle work through a scientifically proven step-by-step process, which is designed to programme your mind in alignment with your vision of success. 

By developing positive habits and removing limiting beliefs we, here at Dynamite Lifestyle, can help you close the gap between what you know and what you do, enabling you to focus and increase productivity by becoming more effective and efficient.  We can help you step up as the professional leader you know you can be and understand the psychology behind sales and lead your prospects down the path of agreement. 

At Dynamite Lifestyle our goal is to help you scale your results with less time and less effort, by getting to the root cause of your results. 

  Mindset Development Expert in Human Performance & Success

 Director of Dynamite Lifestyle

  Certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant

 Diamond Pin Achiever

 16x Inner Circle Member Circle of Excellence

  Former Clinical Nurse Specialist

 Executive Diamond Pin and Pillar of PGI



Bob Proctor went from down and out to become a massive influence in changing the world as an expert in wealth creation.

For nearly 60 years, Bob has studied the mind on human potential, together with some of the greatest minds the world has ever known.  Having worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant, he later became a world-renowned speaker, teacher and expert on the mind, human potential and success.

Bob has helped millions of people through the hit movie The Secret; New York Times Best Selling book, You Were Born Rich; his coaching programmes and LIVE events.




Frequently Asked Questions 

Let's Answer a Few

Q: What if I am not clear on what I want or my goal?

A: When will you be clear?  Think about it, if your current mindset does not know now, then the only next clear thing to do is to upgrade your mindset.  This might seem strange now, but when you remove these blocks and get clear on where you are going and how there will be no stopping you. This works for everyone; all you have to do is really want it.

Q: Who is this mentorship opportunity for?

A: If you seek to be more, do more, have more, and give more, this programme is for you.  It doesn’t matter if you are employed, self-employed, have a small business or global business; we can help you.  You don’t need to have clarity on your goal, and we can help you with that too.  If you have a desire to grow and experience more of life, then this is for you.

Q: I have studied personal development for some time now, will I get anything new?

A: My question is, why are you here?  You're still searching for something or something you are doing that is not working.  I am the exact person to help you implement what you already know and become aware of grander portions you are not even aware of yet.  Most of the time, we hold the knowledge of what we should do in our conscious mind.  I will help you move this to the subconscious, where your results are created. 

Q: Is this a good programme for brick and mortar businesses?

A: Yes, the principles behind success are not industry-specific; they are backed by science and work towards attaining any industry goal and personal growth.  So even if you are currently in a different industry than you plan to be, the principles I will be teaching you apply to success, so you can apply them to create an exit strategy towards your true purpose.



Why Not Book Me For a Private Event Today

I often say I’m not a motivational speaker; I see myself more as someone who inspires others to be the best version of themselves, then show them how to do that.  I have spoken globally about the science behind success and provided incredible insight into how this material can be utilised to increase corporate culture, well-being, effectiveness, creativity, leadership and sales.  

Should you wish to find out more about a private speaking event and how mentorship could benefit you as a leader and your company's entire culture, please do not hesitate to contact us at: support@dynamitelifestyle.com.