Lifestyle Course – 18th February 2017


Product Description

We have all seen the transformation pics in 12 weeks but why not take 1 day to transform YOU and YOUR life! 

This course looks at all aspects of your life and allows you to find the greatness within you whilst transforming your health, mindset and body!

Over the course of the day, you will get a sound knowledge and understanding in the fundamentals that lead to true happiness and the body you deserve!

We will cover the following topics;

• Positive Mindset – Find your purpose, Move past your fears, Learn how to set goals for 2017 with action steps to believe and achieve. 

• Nutrition – What are macros, what to eat – when to eat, how real food impacts on your over all health and body composition, pre and post workout meals. Supplementation strategies, ‘cheat meal’ guidance. DN fat loss strategies and protocols that work and are sustainable!

• Preparation for success – meal prep/plans, time management, work life balance. Supplementation – the fundamentals on what you need to achieve optimal health.

• Stress management – combat cortisol to reduce body fat. Stress management toolkit strategies that work and allow you to focus on your goals! 

• Training – how to write your own programme to suit YOU and save money. How to train to add lean muscle and lose body fat.

• Self Confidence – Get empowered, build a vision board and take action. Self esteem and confidence is one of the main reasons your reading this, you just don’t know it yet. You want more from life, so I do! Let me teach you how! 

COOKING workshop! Get into the kitchen with me for a full workshop on how to cook yourself lean and still eat cheesecake and goodies!

As you can imagine its a lot for one day, however here comes the best part!  The day will be broke up into sections.  Each hour will be a different topic, there will be regular coffee and ‘treat breaks’ yep you heard me, you get to eat cake and learn! BOOM!  On top of that there will also be an interactive cooking workshop to break up the afternoon. This cooking workshop will allow you to get into the kitchen with me.  Make yet more goodies and treats that you can take away with you and start implementing in YOUR new lifestyle!

There will also be a 1hr break for lunch and you can nip over to Slim’s for lunch or feel free to bring your own and hang out with me!

There will be an open Q&A through out and at the end!

This is quite possibly the best time to enrol but you will have to come to find out why!

Course is £150 per person – If you enrol to this course there will also be a discount offered to the Mindset course.

So there you have it! Its now over to you to make the positive step you have been needing to make to get things moving!