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Product Description

Dynamite Launch Pad!

All you need to get back on it and starting 2017 with a new healthy lifestyle that supports you and your goals!

Are you ready? Iv taken all the stress out of January! Ditch the ‘guilt’ and lets get you back into action before we realise its February and we are still talking about it. If your anything like me you like to enjoy Christmas, and lets be honest, no one actually sticks to clean foods.  So its fair to say your gut needs a break, but a salad just isn’t going to cut it.

What ever time of year it is, I’m a big believer in LIVING life and enjoying food with friends and well just enjoying food lol. So I don’t believe in cutting out the good stuff, I mean really, is soggy lettuce (don’t even start me on the iceburg) really worth having a ‘better’ body, which we continue to rip apart anyway? Not in my book! I want to look EPIC, feel STRONG and CONFIDENT but I also want to eat REAL tasty food that leaves me full, satisfied and still keeps me lean and away from the ‘bad stuff’.

Now are you with me? Good! Because iv designed a menu for you! A whole weeks worth of incredible foods, recipes and goodies, you will defiantly not get bored!
On top of all that I have also drawn you up a training programme and will get you off the sofa and get you back into action! Easy to follow but super effective!
THEN, I have also included a FREE goals and motivation Webinar to also get the mind back into gear and planning this exciting new year to come
AND… if that all wasn’t enough, you also have a complimentary 1-1 with me, discount codes for NI Supplements, Oh So Lean, DN Workshops and a bag of Dynamite Protein goodies!
I really have covered all the bases to make YOU healthy and FIT and ready to smash 2017!
Seriously though, where else are you going to be handed all this in one?  Lets get going!

Whats included;

  • Designer Menu – Enjoy a weeks worth of tasty meals and desserts with out the guilt, recipes included.  I will talk you through how to rotate this so you stay eating this way forever!
  • 4 Day Training Programme – easy to follow programme that you can tailor to your needs and abilities.
  • Recipes and Shopping List – All the essentials to save you time and money
  • Goals and Motivation Webinar – Get your mind into gear and watch your results soar! Lets make SERIOUS goals for 2017 and learn the science of goal achievement!
  • 1-1 Session – Get a complimentary 1-1 session with me to talk about YOU!
  • Dynamite Treats – Get a weeks worth of treats to keep you on the right track
  • Discount Codes – Ni Supplements, Oh So Lean, Genetic Supplements and more…
  • BONUS’s but they are a surprise for now!

 This will drop into your inbox on January 1st!  No need to go through January feeling bloated, demotivated and not even having the energy to know where to start, its all here for you! Just print, watch and complete.

Remember its all the little things that you implement that compound over time to make you great!

What have you really got to lose except for that Christmas ‘fluff’? The time will pass and the money will surly get spent and more than likely wasted as we all have good intentions, but without a carefully designed plan that still allows all the things  you like your just not going to make it!

Im excited to get working with you!