Product Description

Ready to explode your results?

This is the package for you! For 3 months you will nourish your mind body and soul with only the best quality nutrition, dynamite training strategies and mindset development training that will get you to the next level.

This is a tailored programme just for YOU! I will be your mentor and accountability partner, walking you through the next transformational 3 months of your life!

Whats included;

  • Meal plan bespoke to YOU! This includes designer cheat meals that have no guilt and of course all the sweet stuff you ‘think’ you can’t have!
  • Tailored Training programme – This will be designed around YOUR goals and your body.
  • Recipe Ebook – courtesy of Prepped and Packed
  • 1 FREE started Dynamite Treat pack
  • 2 weekly check ins – 24/7 email support
  • Mindset development support for self confidence, self image and goal achievement
  • Exclusive discount codes for Oh So Lean and Genetic Supplements
  • You can also add in;
  • Skype calls – You get the exclusive price of £30 per hour