Explosive Minds – 25th March 2017


Product Description

28th January 2017


Agape Centre – Lisburn Road


Module 1

Ignite the mind

Ever stopped to wonder why you think the way YOU do? My many years experience in working with behavioural patterns has taught me how to take conditioned minds and reprogram them. You are not who you are or do what you do because of your environment or past, you are conditioned over time on how you have allowed yourself to process the past and current situations.

This section of the course delves deep into the understanding and workings of the mind. You will learn about;

  • Your current belief systems (the main processing unit that controls YOU and everything you do)
  • How to change your core beliefs to allow you to achieve ANYTHING
  • Identify habits or negative cycles and then techniques to create new positive cycles which will then become a habit
  • Learn about the conscious and subconscious mind – THIS IS VERY SIGNIFICANT
  • Levels of frequency and how to use this understanding to promote mood, relationships, finances and health

Module 2

What youre chasing is usually chasing you!

Ever felt like, ‘what next’, ’I want more’, ‘after I’ve got that then I’ll be happy’.

Welcome to the curse of the chase. In this section you will get a solid understanding to what YOU are chasing and why. You may not even know it yet but you are running after something. This section will give you freedom. This will allow you to give yourself permission to love and be loved. We will look at;

  • How to find fulfilment not through achievement
  • Validation – what will it take?
  • Law of Balance
  • How to find your exact passion and purpose
  • Quantum Alignment – getting the head and heart in line is the ONLY way to get results

Module 3

Pleasure vs Pain

‘But what if?’, ‘I’ll start tomorrow’, ‘I couldn’t do that’….Sound familiar?

Fear, we are all driven by it. But what is it exactly? Why do some have it and others don’t? Why are some people so successful and others not? It all comes down to the level of uncertainly that you can handle in your life. This section will allow you to understand;

  • certainly vs uncertainty – learn to become more assertive and self confident
  • How to deal with uncertainty and over come the fear barrier
  • Techniques to avoid taking the ‘easy way out’ to avoid pain
  • Self discipline
  • Responsibility
  • How to let go

Module 4

Raise your Standards

I will take you through step by step on how to start getting more out of life what you deserve. Your self worth is worth more than your net worth but why not have both! This will teach you one of life’s greatest lessons that so many people just don’t know about or how to apply it correctly.

We will go over;

  • How to get out of your own way
  • How to raise your vibration to get ANYTHING you want
  • Manage your time and create more time
  • Goal setting like you have never done before!!
  • How to raise self confidence and self image
  • Techniques to keep motivated and hungry for your goals

Module 5

Take control – Essential steps to create your Emotional, Relationship and Financial Destinies

This section will take you to another level if you let it. Here we will enhance the quality of your personal relationships and deepen your emotional connection with the people you care about. You will also be able to take control of your emotions and your financial future.

–  Take control of your consistent emotions and reshape your ‘experience’ of life

  • 5 foundational elements for establishing wealth
  • 6 fundamentals of successful relationships

Module 6

Reinventing YOU

It’s now time to design your destiny! You know your goals, your strengths and you know your weaknesses. Its now time to find out who you want to become. This last section will bring everything together and allow you to literally manifest the life that you desire. You can literally change your biochemistry using your mind! So you really can have anything you want!

–  The power of ‘I AM..” – Power of identity

  • Learn the vivid techniques of ‘visualisation’ and the power of the mind over the body
  • Power of imagination
  • Taking control and staying in control